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The Wealth Dynamics Advantage

While ‘working smart’ is the obvious solution to working hard, most of us don’t actually know what working smart means. For one person, it might mean working with numbers and working alone whereas for another it might be working in groups connecting with others. We all have our strengths and when we play to our strengths, we’re working smart. We can find our ‘business flow’ and when that happens, stress is reduced, performance is enhanced and even decision making improves.

This is what it really takes to build a better business. It’s not about changing how you do things; it’s about changing what you do.

All successful business owners are successful because they play to their strengths.

Using the globally recognised Wealth Dynamics profiling tool, John can help you identify your strengths and the roles you are best suited for. This allows you to optimises your own performance and reduce your personal stress and this then leads to increased profits for your business.

Truth Serum

T.R.U.T.H. Serum helps you condition Your Business for ultimate performance! Its uncovering your Business Fundamentals and setting up Business Centric Metrics.

Steps to uncover your Business T.R.U.T.H. SERUM

Total Deep Discovery of Your Business Facts

R Review the Facts and build a Tactical Plan

U Understand the Power of the Plan

T Test & Implement the Tactical Plan

H Harness the Effect of Positive Change – stick to what’s working!

SGain a Sense of Control

E Become more Engaged and Empowered individually and cross-team

R Create a Rewards environment for hitting growth targets

U Understand value of change in your business

M Multiply the effect

Work with John to create your Business GPS and Success Metric!

Systems and Processes

The Value of Business Planning

“I’ve often compared business planning to nutrition and exercise. It’s a process, related to good and bad habits, properly applied over a long term; not a sudden burst. And people who cite the misuse of the business plan document as an argument against good planning are using the same faulty logic as people who cite starvation diets and running a marathon without training as arguments against nutrition and regular exercise. In all three cases, what works is the long-term consistency instead of the short-term burst. Good business planning is like regular exercise, not like running a marathon all at once.”

Tim Berry, Business Insider

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