About John Stringer

Hi, I am John Stringer. Most of my clients have great business’s, but for whatever reason they’re off track and stuck in a rut.

Basically the thing I would like you to know the most is that over the past 30 years, as a business coach, I have developed a way to cut to the core of these issues and really get you a result that will turn your business around. Typically, from experience those results are increased revenues and profit.

The big thing that my clients talk about, is the fact that I hold them accountable. No “ifs” or “buts,” just plain accountable. They also say I am a tenacious straight shooter. I value honesty, integrity and transparency.

If you are struggling with getting your business back on track let’s have a chat to see how I can help you identify your business potential and wok towards turning your business from ordinary to extraordinary.
I look forward to hearing from you.

“Through John’s detailed and efficient approach, we now understand the value of numbers, how to look at our business from a different perspective and focus on the positives. We now know how to run a business. Engaging John was our best decision, he was there for us any time of day or night, always responsive and ready to assist. Our Journey with John helped us future proof our business. Thanks John we couldn’t have done it without you!”

— Rebecca & Mat Brazier, Owners Caterpillar Tree Services

John’s Values

John’s 8-Step Proven Methodology

I am a realist that focuses on results, always approaching projects with honesty and transparency. I also place a high importance on integrity when dealing with my clients and I genuinely care about your business success.

Step 1: Business Performance Diagnostic & Analysis

Step 2: 60 Minute Business Reality Check

Step 3: Wealth Dynamics Profile

Step 4: How can I add value to your business?

Step 5: Devise a Plan

Step 6: TRUTH Implementation – Conditioning Business for Performance

T Total Deep Discovery of Your Business

R Review the Facts

U Understand

T Test

H Harness the Effect of Positive Change

Step 7: Validation

Step 8: Serum

John helped grow Jason’s building contracting business turnover from $300K to just under $1M

John, through his business mentoring, introduced Jason to a range of sound business systems and processes. These were applied quickly to overcome Jason’s ‘shoe-box filing system’. Profits followed and Jason was able to achieve financial freedom and security for his family.

It is from these humble beginnings and his desire to share his knowledge and experience that started John on his current journey. John now draws from his significant business and management experiences, to help and guide other business owners and entrepreneurs to better business outcomes.

Find out how John can drive your business to its full potential using the right tactics, systems and strategies.